CB Programming Language

What's Happening Now

Why am I creating a new programming language?

I was a compiler developer, working on and managing implemention of several compilers. I published a paper on local optimization ("Local Optimizations"), managed a compiler development group, and I participated in the ANSI standardization of Fortran 77. My specialty was machine code generation and optimization in compilers.

I've been retired now, and I am no longer working in compiler language development. I have been keeping up with ideas in programming languages ever since I began in this field back in the early 1960s. I learned and worked with a succession of my own languages, each trying to "fix" some issue in programming. Languages have come and gone in popularity because new ideas happened.

I have used extensively Fortran, C, PHP, the latest version 7, with OOP features.

I have created several "play" languages. One, in 2003, was "CodeBol".

I am seriously working on definition and implementation of CB, an object-oriented programming language.

Goals in the design of CB:


The "Hello, World!" program, invoked by its constructor @Main:

	{ object @Main
	   { new # this is the constructor
	     @ "Hello, World!"

To comment:

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