SS Programming Language

What I'm Doing Now

Why am I creating a new programming language?

I was involved in Fortran as a compiler developer, working on and managing implementibg several compilers. I published a paper on local optimization ("Local Optimizations"), managed a compiler development group, and I participated in the ANSI standardization of Fortran 77.

My specialty was machine code generation by the compiler.

I've been retired now for a few years, and I am no longer working in compiler language development - so why design a new language? I have been keeping up with ideas in programming languages ever since I began in this field back in the early 1960s. I learned and worked with a succession of my own languages, each trying to "fix" some issue in programming. Languages have come and gone in popularity because new ideas happened.

I have used extensively PHP, the latest version 7, with OOP features.

I have createdd several "play" languages. One, in 2003, was "CodeBol" where BOL meant "Bagwell's Own Language".

The result is my work toward definition since 2009 of SS. Extensive reworking began in the second half of 2018, into 2019.

Goals in the design of SS


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